The Twin is a Tier 2 Tank which upgrades from the Tank. It adds a barrel to the front which doubles the tank's fire rate.


The Twin features a circular base with two barrels on the front.


The two barrels alternate shooting with a doubled fire rate. A cycle consists of two shots. This class gets a base stat debuff to Bullet Penetration and a base stat buff to Bullet Speed.


Strong against: Spread fire type tanks, tanks with average to low Bullet Penetration

Weak against: Focused fire type tanks, tanks with good Penetration

As the Twin

Your bullet spamming should be able to ward off any tank that you cannot kill for the time it takes to retreat. The Twin's good Bullet Speed gives it surprisingly good Penetration for a tank with a debuff to that. Keep that in mind when attacking.

Against the Twin

Avoid its bullets as they penetrate more than most players think.

  • Use a Focused tank like the Triplet, AutoGunner or even another Twin.
  • Max out your Bullet Penetration with something like a Destroyer or Penta Shot.
  • Flank the enemy Twin with your Drones.
  • Shoot bullets at it from behind.
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