The Tank is the only Tier 1 Tank. It is also the tank that the player will have once they start a game. It possesses one barrel which shoots one bullet at a time in a straight path, with slight recoil. At Level 15, four upgrade choices will be given to the player: Twin, Sniper, Machine Gun and Flank Guard. At Level 30, the choice for the Smasher upgrade will be available. Levels 30, 45 and 60 will once again prompt the player with options of other "sub-categories" of tanks.


The Tank features a circular base with one barrel on the front.


Strong Against: Other Tanks, rammers (if the player is using a bullet build)

Weak Against: Everything else

As the Tank

  • Try a surprise attack. You look weak as a Tank. Upgrade your stats, stay a Tank and surprise opponents.
  • If you're not going to do this, upgrade as soon as possible.

Against the Tank

  • Use a bullet build.
  • If you are using a rammer build and the opposing Tank is not, ram it.


  • The Basic Tank is the only Tank to have no upgrades or downgrades.
    • It is also the only Tank to have anything other than four upgrades.
Tier 1 Tank
Tier 2 Flank GuardMachine GunSniperTwin
Tier 3 Quad TankSmasherTri-AngleTwin Flank
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Announced Trapper
Unplayable Arena Closer