The Sniper is a Tier 2 Tank which upgrades from the Tank. It makes the tank's barrel longer and halves the fire rate.


The Sniper features a circular base with one long barrel on the front.


A cycle with this tank consists of one shot. This class gets a base stat debuff to Reload and a base stat buff to FoV (hidden stat) and Bullet Damage.


Strong against: Tanks with a low RoF/DPS/Bullet Penetration, ranged targets

Weak against: Tanks with a high RoF, targets that are close to the tank

As the Sniper

  • Use your range to your advantage.
  • Beware of tanks with a high Rof as they can easily overpower your slow reload.
  • Be careful of rammers. Their builds vary but one shot from a Sniper is never enough to take it down.
  • It may be better to stay as a Tank until the upgrade you want as the Sniper is terrible at farming.

Against the Sniper

  • Use a tank with a high RoF and storm it.
  • Use a Sniper upgrade and attack the enemy Sniper.


  • The Sniper and its upgrades' bullets do not slow down when travelling through obstacles (bullets, polygons), which may be helpful for farming.
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