The Smasher is a Tier 3 Tank which upgrades from the Tank. It removes all barrels and instead adds a permanently spinning jet black hexagon around the tank.


The Smasher features a jet black hexagonal base with a circular body in the middle.


The Smasher loses all barrels and thus loses the ability to fire. It has no cycles due to this. All Bullet upgrades are removed and the remaining upgrades can instead be increased by 11 instead of 7. This class gets a base stat debuff to Health Regeneration and a sharp base stat buff to FoV (hidden stat) and a base stat buff to Knockback Resistance (hidden stat).


Strong against: Distracted tanks, tanks which are slower than the player

Weak against: Other rammers, Focused type bullet spammers, tanks of equal speed to or higher than the player's, multiple enemies

As the Smasher

  • Try to circle the opponent then go in for the kill at an unexpected time.
  • Try to dodge everything.
  • As a general rule for rammer vs. rammer with both having the same stats, bigger means winner.
  • If your opponent is a Spread type, weave in between its bullets and kill it.
  • Avoid Drone classes.

Against the Smasher

  • Use a Focused type bullet spammer and flee from it. The Smasher may get annoyed and pursue you. This is your chance to kill it.
  • Use Drones and swarm it.
  • Use a Tri-Angle or any of its upgrades, weaken it with your bullets then ram the enemy Smasher.


  • The Smasher and its upgrades are the only tanks to use themselves as weapons.
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