The Quad Tank is a Tier 3 Tank which upgrades from the Flank Guard and the Twin. It adds two barrels to the tank and shifts all the barrels to one in each normally used direction.


The Quad Tank features a circular base with four barrels around it in a + formation.


One pair of opposite barrels shoots then the other pair of opposite barrels shoots then the other and so forth. A cycle with this tank consists of four bullets fired. This class gets a base stat debuff to Movement Speed and a base stat buff to Max HP and Bullet Damage.


Strong against: Other Quad Tanks, Flank Guards, Tanks, rammers (if using a bullet build), multiple enemies

Weak against: Everything else

As the Quad Tank

  • Try to upgrade as soon as possible. Turn on AutoSpin and AutoFire and let the tank do the rest. The Pentagon Nest may help.
  • If you really want to use the tank, AutoSpin and AutoFire is also good for getting kills.

Against the Quad Tank

  • Use the same strategy as the Flank Guard. Approach it in the spots that aren't covered.


  • Many players don't like to play as this class because of its low defense and the loss of the Twin's good firing. However, it is helpful in the Pentagon Nest to harvest polygons quickly.
  • This tank is a buffed version of the Quad Tank from