The Flank Guard is a Tier 2 Tank which upgrades from the Tank. It adds a half-barrel to the back of the tank, doubling the fire rate but alternating sides each time a barrel shoots.


The Flank Guard features a circular base with one barrel on the front and a half-barrel on the back.


The back barrel shoots at the same rate as the front but waits for the first barrel to shoot first. A cycle with this tank consists of both barrels shooting. This class gets a base stat debuff to Bullet Speed and a base stat buff to Bullet Penetration. It gets no recoil from firing.


Strong Against: Other Flank Guards, Tanks, rammers (if using a bullet build), multiple enemies

Weak Against: Everything else

As the Flank Guard

  • Use the same strategy as a Tank. Don't be scared of getting flanked as countering that is the whole point of the back barrel.
  • Since you have one less weak point than the Tank, you might want to use Auto Spin/Auto Aim.

Against the Flank Guard

  • Use the same strategy as a Tank. Don't approach it from the front or the back.
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