The Auto-1 is a Tier 3 Tank which upgrades from the Flank Guard. It replaces all barrels with three Auto Turrets.


The Auto-1 features a circular base with three evenly spaced out Auto Turrets around it.


The Auto-1's Auto Turrets each have a 120° FoV which is slightly larger than yours meaning two at most can be locked on to one target. The Auto-1 permanently AutoSpins. The Auto Turrets lock on to the nearest target to them and automatically shoot at it until it is dead. Note that the Turrets can detect invisible tanks and will prioritize tanks and aggressive entities over other entities. Activating AutoFire will allow you to hijack the nearest Auto Turret to your cursor and use it like a regular barrel. This tank has no cycles due to its automatic nature. This class gets a base stat debuff to Health Regeneration and a base stat buff to Bullet Damage.


Strong against: Rammers, slow RoF tanks, invisible tanks

Weak against: Drone tanks, tanks with high DPS or concentrated fire, tanks with a high FoV stat

As the Auto-1

  • Going into the Pentagon Nest to farm is useful as your Auto Turrets will prioritize the Crashers while the other Turrets shoot at the polygons.
  • Fighting other tanks that are Tiers 1-3 is a recommended source of EXP as the bullets do a surprising amount of damage. DO NOT fight Tiers 4-5 without teammates.
  • Providing team support is the best job for an Auto-1. It might get you a few kills.

Against the Auto-1

  • Use a Drone class.
  • Use a class with a better FoV than the Auto Turrets.
  • Use a high DPS class with good Reload/Penetration.
  • DO NOT go close to it as the player controlling the Auto-1 may hijack the nearest turret and then use their strategy to take down close-quarters enemies.
  • DO NOT use an invisible class. The Auto Turrets bypass invisibility.


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